Peace And Love Are Strong Deep Feelings

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We were standing together this morning hugging before separating, and it was such a deep and warm sharing. I started thinking that if people knew what strong experiences peace and love are, perhaps they wouldn’t be so attracted to conflict, anxiety, drama and tension. I think often people equate strong feeling with the negativity they create.  I think that maybe in order to have the sense of having feelings, or caring deeply, people often create problems and conflicts in order to reassure themselves that they care or are cared for. I know it sounds turned around, but I think this is often the case. If we can communicate how strong the experiences we share are, maybe it could click in some people’s minds and they would move toward exchanges that are filled with love and generate peace. Maybe they could ‘get it’ that what they are seeking doesn’t come from generating drama or illusory problems. But rather, that it comes from being present and actually experiencing what is really there, who the other truly is as a person. The joy of sharing who you are and being appreciated for that, of not being pushed or pulled, changed or manipulated, but just to have someone rejoice in your person and to share with you theirs. Maybe we can find the words to illuminate for others this miraculous experience that we share!

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