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My Dear Kat,

A few days ago, you left early for work, leaving me in bed, and as you left, you complimented me on what I had been wearing the previous evening.  I so love that open, expressive, positive aspect of you for several reasons: firstly, you believe it, and secondly, you say it.  Other people might believe it but not say it, or say it yet not believe it, but with you I feel seen and appreciated.  Thank you.  It makes me feel watered, nourished,  expanded, not just in the moment, but permanently so.

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We Can Shake It All Up and Let It Come Down Entirely Different

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Dear Kit,

We’ve been having those wonderful talks about how we are going to move forward in these next six months and in our life together. I so enjoy these creative jam sessions, especially because they are not just pipe dreaming. They often result in wonderful new paths and directions for us. There is something about the way we are able to speak the total of our minds to each other, never in a defensive way, never withholding or protected. We just both put out the full thoughts we can come up with and some where in between, a new and wonderful different concept or plan emerges. One that is neither from you or I.  It is the answer that arises through our process and it is a co-creation of our united being.

I was giving an illustration of the fact that we shouldn’t think we are locked into things as they are now. We can shake it all up and let it come out differently – on the material physical plane. I put forth a scenario in which we sell Isla Vista and Victoria and with the profits wind up with a big house that we own outright (given the housing deals being made right now) and have no mortgage on. This would greatly change our whole scenario. It was an example and not necessarily a specific suggestion, although all things of this nature deserve looking at.

I view your recent fabulously successful foray into creating an income job for yourself as a really wonderful example of just what I was talking about. This has the potential to greatly alter our lives and it is a direct right degree turn from what was happening the day before it occurred!

I rejoice that we are using our creative abilities to shape and reframe our lives.

Life is so precious, as we were reminded again this week. Let’s not fall asleep and let’s keep on creating anew.

I love our life together and I rejoice in you!

love Kat

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Dear Kat,

One way to describe how we relate to each other is as adults.

This requires some back story to explain.  As children we need to be taught many things.  While that ideally teaches us to relate to others as equals, it must partly forgo that style, or children would have equal say on whether to go to the dentist.  Because the examples set for us include both equality and parent-child, we take both styles of relating into our adult-hood.  Our task as adults is to divest ourselves of the adult-child style as much as possible.  There are two cases where this is inappropriate: with children of our own, and with others who have not been fully socialized.

This is all somewhat theoretical, but I have come to this after much thinking about you and I, and what is different.  It brings to mind “Games People Play” by Eric Berne, though I didn’t see that until late in my musings.  If we looked at others’ conflicts as involving an adult or child component, I think we would find a good fit.


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Its Fun To Be Back Posting

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I’m so glad to be back posting. I love that our process has brought us back here. I love our talking. First in person and then on the blog,we share what we find out about us and this amazing experience of living love and deep abiding peace. I love that we both feel strongly we want to find ways to share this with everyone and hope it might give inspiration for others to have a personal experience of true peace and love within relationship. This experience with you and us,  gives me as you put it,  the visceral knowing of what peace is, and how love is lived.

And so it is, that as we entered the second six months of this year, we’ve again begun to look at our core values and what we want and how to make it be. This has engendered wonderful talks and the loveliest of intimacies. These talks have led us to blogging again. I am looking forward to incorporating this into my natural flow, so that our writing  goes back and forth smoothly and without too much delay.

So some of the gems of the last few days are:

It is core to us that we find ways to return to the world fellowship, this amazing grace we have been granted in being together. We feel blessed to be participating in such a creative, expansive relationship that supports so deeply each of us as individuals, and yet brings forth something that is neither you nor I,  but of both of us. We want to find ways to share this process and anything that can be learned or used from it to bring peace and love.

In order to move toward changing my hours, I have to experience this by spending some time out of my present schedule and situation. If we are moving toward realizing certain situations for our life together, then we must also experience that by spending time with each other out of the normal schedules we have, and in the places and ways we are moving toward. In order to manifest what we want, we have to at least have short bursts of actual experience of how it will be in order to truly move toward it.


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