In the years of our relationship and marriage, we have been astounded again and again by the peaceful nature of our union. We live with an amazing lack of conflict and an ever increasing experience of joy, ease and harmony.  And this is an ongoing actual experience;  not a theory, not thoughts nor collections of ideas.  In fact, this experience is so profound, that we both feel compelled to share it with others.

Our goal is not a small one. We wish to be a part of spreading peace on earth within relationships. We are convinced that some of the things we have learned in our time together apply to any and all relationships. This is a way of peace between people.

It’s not our intention to tell people how relationships should be.  Instead, we have chosen to share how we are, with the idea that when something resonates, you will be able to apply it in your own way to your own relationships.

Its been years and we still walk along holding hands.  I love the way I find my face lighting up when I see you in the evening.  We’ve been through a lot together already; illness and health issues, death in the family, marriage, travel, deep recession, working together and apart, living in two houses and in one, and so many other challenges of life.  We have never had an argument or a conflict.  We talk all the time.  We are intensely connected lovers and the joys of union only get better over time.  Each of us feels supported and appreciated and free to be our total natural selves.  There is sweetness and joy and an abiding sense of peace.  Your mind challenges and stimulates my mind.  We grow as a couple and as individuals.  We don’t feel separated from each other when we are not physically together.  We are both completely present with each other.  I know when I encounter you, you will be you and not some stranger masquerading in your body. I know you will be completely available and that you do this with pleasure.  We do not try to change each other.  We support each other in all ways.  Being together is always new, different and better than ever.

You ask if this is possible.  Is this just some unrealistic dream or saccharine sweet fantasy?  Not for us.  We are living this wonderful relationship. Having given peace a chance, we have discovered that it is a supreme and extraordinary experience.  We both keep marveling at the essence of loving joy that pervades all aspects of our experience.  Can we share this with others?  We think many relationships in the world could be full of peace and joy.  It is not really a process or something that you work on, it’s a way of being.  So come join us on our journey and let’s explore this path together.