Imagine You Will Treat The Other Exactly How You Treat Yourself

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So many of my friends who are not in a partnership tell me that they are very happy with their lives. They feel that their lives are rich and full. However, they would like a partnership in their life. At the same time they imagine that they would have to give up some of what they like about their lives, give up freedom of choice and space, if they were to let another into their intimate space.

If they honor the other person the same way they do themselves, if they don’t try to alter or make the other different, then maybe the other won’t do it to them either. Maybe one could start out not giving up freedom or space, but just adding to life what feels good and what you want to do or share with the other person. Maybe you can work with just addition and not giving up for a starting image. If you honor the other and see them as a complete and total individual, as you are, a separate state in the union as it were, then instead of personal encroachment there will be enrichment for each.

I still have to work on this some more to find a way to say this but I think there may be something here that would help talk about the question “how did we get here?”.

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