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Its been a while since I’ve posted. However, I am dedicated to continuing.  I am still absolutely convinced that what you and I share can serve as an inspiration and give informational support to others. Let’s keep writing this blog back and forth. I find it really helps in the process of finding words to talk and write about our union.

There are paradoxes associated with how we are with each other. We do not experience our union as something that takes work or that we have to consciously apply techniques to achieve. And yet it is something that we have to actively do. It is something that we have gotten better at. Our togetherness seems more mature and deeper. At the same time that seems impossible, as each experience is the best anything could ever be. The way we are is joyous and smooth. It is so very full of peace and comfort on an abiding spirit level.

If I were to list what we have to offer, the primary thing would be peace.  Indeed we have found a way to coexist in a place of balance and harmony, that both supports and encourages each of us in our own personal development. We are not contributing to discord and dissonance. I do not find that I am ever pushed to respond from my lowest of reactions, from the animal parts of me that are lurking below the surface.  Instead, I feel that I am living in my best part, in my higher realms of personality actualization. Your very presence and the experience of the  kind of relating that we do so easily and naturally,  has landed me in a world colored by meaning and value. We have the experience of relationship filled with peace, harmony, joy, love, truth, beauty and  goodness. We are manifesting our core values, that which  feels real to me. We do this without any energy going toward the illusory, the imagined energies of anger, conflict, fear. And yet, there is no struggle involved. As actively as we live this together, it feels as though it is the easiest thing possible. And the most attractive.

The attraction toward harmony and lack of tensions is a critical component in being together as we are. It has to pull you toward it. You have to want to leave the juice of conflict behind you. You have to find a way to allow peace to occur.

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