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We had such a transcendent experience last night while making love and I wanted to thank you. We reach a place, not in thought, but in actual experience that impinges upon the Divine. It is the experience of the infinite. There is a quality of never endingness and there is no recognizable sequence.  Hence there is no experience of time as we usually know it. We experience that there is no end in that ‘place’ where we go in union. There is no end except the physical material  limitations we have by the nature of what we are.

I want to thank you for allowing me to go there. It is an experience that you need a partner to achieve. There are other ways to have this experience, but the path that we are walking calls for a partner. I have always believed that this type of direct experience of Reality was possible between people, but I have never before had a partner who wanted to walk that path together. It is such ecstasy.  It opens up the vistas of all that is beyond.

And again, thank you!

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