Balance – We Seem To Achieve It Naturally

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The way we come together is so mysterious. It is filled with paradoxes and yet it seems to come so naturally to us.

The other day I was feeling such deep union with you and the word balance came into my mind. It seems to me that neither of us is more present, or taking up more space in the union, or having stronger desires for something specific, or pushing for some direction.

We seem to be so equally there, so completely balanced in our beingness with the other, that the a third presence emerges. This third presence is our union. It covers an area that is not the separate personality of me or of you, both of which are fully present,  but rather of another. This third presence is one where the lines between you and me blur and melt together. This is  experienced not just on the mindal or spirit level, but  even on the physical.

This balance, where neither push nor pull are present,  seems to be a key to the experience we share. And yet where does it come from? We seem to do it so naturally.

I think an important component is the utter respect and appreciation for the other as an individual.

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