Hi To Phil In London

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According to my world clock on my IPhone, it is 4:01 PM in London, and as you were leaving by noon, you are perhaps in London by now. You may even decide to go to a computer and you may think to look at Kit and Kat! If so, hi there lover!!

I have finally reached Sunday morning and plan to stay in all day without leaving except for a small foray around 2:00. I plan to write¬† more here and to list tons of things on eBay. I’ve had a number of Listomax inquiries that I’ve handled but a few I wasn’t sure what to do with. I stalled until Tuesday when you can help.

Its been sunny, windy and cold. Of course nothing like the cold you are probably experiencing. We are indeed blessed here in SB. Still, London must be great fun and I’m enjoying thinking of you there, out on the town.

Kat loves Kit!

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