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As we have been talking and thinking about how to share this experience with others, we seem to have come up with a three part concept;

the intro, with a flavor of the kind of relating we are sharing and promoting,

then core values and what they are for us

and in the third part, the review of the main themes we have discovered by writing our blog and synthesizing those writings into related areas.

I was sharing about our project the other day and used the expression ‘passionate peace’ to describe our togetherness. This met with a lot of enthusiasm, so I have been thinking that it might be a good descriptor.

Whenever we talk about our lack of conflict, I always feel compelled to add that we are passionate. This is because I have so often encountered people equating discord, anger or tension as being necessary to feeling strongly and being engaged, and peace with a kind of neutral blah kind of  energy.

Perhaps ‘passionate peace’ is a way to speak of this without lots of words.

So,  in the beginning there was passionate peace. And this brought a wonderful state of being. There were no angles or sharp corners. There was the ease and comfort that comes of knowing you are not going to be attacked. You are not going to be preconceived or rearranged. Gentle joy pervades your day. Your person, and the special nature of your person  is not only respected but celebrated! You are free to be a complete and separate person, while at the same time enjoying a most intense experience of union. When you come together with your partner it is always new, always unique. The time together is full and creative and is always better than ever. This  seems impossible and yet it is so. When you come back together with your partner after a day apart, they are the same person you left hours ago. They are still fully present and available. They haven’t turned into a one-eyed monster or a complete stranger. There is great constancy and a deep abiding sense of well being.

You ask if this is possible. Is this just some unrealistic dream? Is this just some saccharine sweet fantasy? Not for us. We are living this wonderful relationship. We think many relationships in the world could be like ours, full of peace and joy. It is not really a process or something that you have to work on. Its a way of being.  So come join us on our journey into passionate peace.

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