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Dear Kit,

I had so much fun yesterday morning, as we were discussing Kit and Kat and playing around with the video.  We returned to our discussion of basic agreements which reframed itself into core values.

I like that description.  Core Values. You suggested that core values are actually the same for everyone, rather than there being my core values and your core values. This gives us a good place to find the 100 percent factor. When you have core values as your basis for agreement and union, then you can let go of determining the specifics. You can celebrate that there is another person, one who is totally unique, and celebrate the difference. You can be constantly enriched by the other. We are able to reside in the present, experiencing what is, without preconceiving it. We don’t try to fit the other into an idea or a mold or a picture of what should be or could be. We experience what is.

I think the sense of surety between us comes not only from our shared experiences, but also from these core values that we share about life and relationships.

We also talked about the fact that the primary relationship is familial.

Much, very much of how we are, comes from our mutual respect for the sacrosanct nature of each personality.

love Kat

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