Our Willingness to Experiment

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Dear Kit,

In looking at some of the things we’ve done together, our willingness to experiment has caught my attention. We seem to easily take on a project, a new way of being or doing for us. We decide (through our  process) that we’re going to do something new or different, and then we just move smoothly into it. There doesn’t seem to be any resistance or reluctance to shift and change.

I think that this comes from being in presence. We don’t hang on specifics, pre-images or concepts. We don’t overhang our experiences with each other  with preconceptions or projections of any kind. We seem to delight in discovering the other as an other. Its always new and always better.

I think this same state of presence enables us to take on new directions with ease.

Our latest major  experiment of sleeping together every night at Victoria House , has been so surprisingly meaningful and added so much depth.

I can’t imagine where this wondeful journey with you will be heading , but I go there with joy!


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