For something to Happen, You Have to Allow It

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Dear Kit,

This morning we were embracing before going into the day and it was so dear and sweet.

You said “How did we get so lucky?”

The first thing that came into my head was in order for something to happen, you have to allow it. This goes in the same direction as that which allows us to experience such a peaceful and non conflictual togetherness. We don’t come with expectations of specifics, we don’t insist on or demand certain activities or words or actions. We flow through the together time actually experiencing what happens. This is always bigger and better and more unique than anything either one of us could have come up with in advance.

In the same way, I think people often walk right past opportunities and potential partners because they have pre images and conceptions of what they want and need, that leave out the possibility for something unexpected and unpredictable to happen.

We did really get blessed to find each other, but we also let it happen. We went with it as it grew and took on form. We allowed creativity and presence to rule.

And so here we are!


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