Brush With The Infinite

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First I want to thank you for your loving post.  It touched and moved me deeply.

The other night we were making love for what seemed like a long time ( you know how those time experiences can be)  and at some point, when we were physically spent and lying in each other’s arms, I had a flash.

It was so clear to me at the time. I only wish it were easy to put into words!

What I realized was that we’re impinging upon the infinite in our union…that our experience was never ending…it had no real stop or final event…we only narrow down our focus and come away from that place of the infinite when we have to, because of physical reality…the one we are in…eventually, we enter time and space because our bodies need to.

I wanted you to know that I experience a foreshadowing of the Divine when I am with you!


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