This Past Weekend Away

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Dear Kit,

I was away for four nights and five days this past weekend. That’s the longest we’ve been in different places and way the longest we haven’t slept together since we began sleeping together every night six months ago.

It amazes me that no matter what we do;  if we are constantly together, like when we travel, or if we are apart, like recently, it doesn’t make any difference. There is no change in the field of our union, no change between us. There is never any distance or real feeling of separation.

You mentioned how nice it was to spread out all over the bed and follow your own rhythms when you were alone. However, that did not mean you wished to have more alone time, just that it was fun to experience it. We seem to be fine together and fine apart.

When we came back together, it was as if no time had elapsed, other than it was particuarly juicy!! We do this all very naturally, but I don’t think it is a very common occurance for people.

For many years, we would spend our nights and weeks, coming together and going apart and enjoying every form of us. Now we ‘live’ together, but there is still this wonderful plastic way that we merge and separate. I love us!

love Kat

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