Spontaneity and No Rules

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Dear Kit,
We often bring each other greeting cards, always looking for new ways to express our feelings to each other. Last night I gave you two cards. It felt like a two card night.
You remarked that this was a perfect example of the spontaneity that abides between us. You thought it was connected to there being ‘no rules’. You said, “we have no rules, no rules that say one card a night, or no cards, or you should do this or that…”
I have to agree that we indeed play it all in the moment, just following our feelings, with no particular program. Neither of us seems to need to put preconceptions upon the other or within our relationship. We always have a new co-creative experience when we are together.
And yet, for this wonderful experience of creating together, we do nothing in particular. It just seems to happen so simply, so naturally.
If you don’t fill up the space with plans and concepts and ideas and expectations, then the moment itself is pregnant with creativity, full of pulsing newness, of life.
Our life, our time together, is a miracle, each and every moment it occurs! Kat

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