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Dear Kit,

It occurs to me that we have some basic behaviors that figure in an important way in our relating.

We seem to both have a great respect for the sacrosanct nature of each and every personality. We are not trying to change each other, we are not judging each other, we are not trying to tell each other what to do, or how to behave. In fact, that is so far from how we are with each other, so foreign to how we are with each other, that I must conclude that this is integral to our loving and conflict free relationship. We do not do this with others either.

I am not sure where this attitude originates with each of us. Is it a choice we have made, or is it a way that we are?

I am reminded of something from The Urantia Book. “Make less plans for other personalities”. This seems like such a simple statement and yet, it holds the key to a whole way of loving and being loved!

There are some great quotes from Deepak Chopra that you have been reading me, that I would include here too. He talks of surrender to the union self, to the we of you and I. This is not so much a giving up of self, as it is moving the center of gravity to the us. Does this play a role in our peaceful and passionate co-existence?

I love examining these things with you.

love Kat

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