I’ve Missed Our Notes Back and Forth

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It has been awhile  since we’ve written. With the trauma of the fires finally subsiding now, I find myself missing our notes back and forth.

Let’s begin anew to write of our special relationship and search for words to communicate about it;  to find ways to offer the experience to others as well.

It has been almost half a year now that we have been sharing our evenings, nights and mornings, sleeping at Victoria house. I am amazed at what a profound difference it has made. I am astounded that we have grown so much closer, when I felt we couldn’t possibly be any closer than we were. I love your flexible style of living together, your willingness to experiment, your openness to change. Perhaps it is easy for both of us to be open to new growth and new ways, because we have such a solid core between us, one which is absolutely unchanging, plugged into the eternal and exuding gentle permanence.

We have been moving, be it ever so slowly, toward that place we envision where we have more time to step into that wonderful space we create together. I love the weekends as we have been living them in the last 6 weeks or so. We have been plugged into the world of family, friends and community, to our work and progress, and at the same time we have set aside that precious time to be with each other and to honor our wonderful union. I rejoice at this progress and am so pleased to feel us moving ever steadily in that direction.

…and I am so thrilled to be back to writing to each other!

with love


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