Being Present In The Moment is Celebrating It All!

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Dear Kit,

I really enjoy picking out flowers and bringing them to you. I love receiving the wonderful cards you find for me and the loving things you write on them about me and about us.

I’ve been thinking about all the things, big and small, that we do for each other. I’m not talking about the everyday life things (all of which are also so lovely), but of the special little acts we share that celebrate each other and our life together.

I’m not sure if being so present with each other makes  every moment a celebration, or if remembering to celebrate each other helps us to remain in the present. Either way, I think it is often the little things that make it all work so well.

We don’t seem to ever fall into taking our life together or each other fcr granted. We each feel stunned by how good it always is, and we each feel moved to find ways to celebrate and to acknowledge the ‘us’ and the other.

So I say to you and everyone else, never forget to celebrate, never take each other for granted.  This experience is after all one of grace, and you could walk right past it if  you’re not paying attention!

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