Long Sessions of Talking in Union

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We have these wonderful long sessions of talking, mostly while lying together. We achieve such a closeness that it feels above the regular level of human contact. We seem to enter another realm where time is altered. It is much the same as places we travel together to or states of being we achieve, when we are sexual.

These long talking experiences create a deep feeling of connectedness. We find ever deepening pathways of discussion and seem to be able to flow from one to the the other without boundaries or separation.

The time factor is almost startling. We can feel like long periods of time have gone by and find that on the clock it has been very short. Or we can float in this ecstatic exchange with no feeling of time passing at all.

These experiences are blissful. They are filled with a sense of peace and well being. The sense of being merged with another is so basic. It feels like we are experiencing something that is very real, that could be there in life on an ongoing basis.

How do we find the way to share about this and bring it more into existence? It is the question that comes up right after an enlightenment intensive. How do we bring it into everyday life?

We seem to have found a way to live on a daily basis with this between us as a very real experience, one of no conflict and much joy.

How do we spread this in our lives and to others?

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