Conversation With Catherine – Meaning, Value and Lists

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My Dear Kit,

At the same time we were having our talks this weekend, I was sharing with Catherine over things happening in her relationship.

She had come to the same conclusion we had. The specifics of a particular situation are not what is important.  Rather it is the meaning and value that are of consequence.  She added humor and kindness to that list.

We also talked about the issue of lists and list making. It seems we all have our lists, things we note about another person, things we’ve been right about, where unfairness or injustice have taken place, or where we haven’t been acknowledged or … all the big and small transgressions.

We may not even be aware that we have these lists. However, in the moment when we are faced with something negative about ourselves, criticism or someone else’s list, our list comes popping up full of things and ready to go!

The moral? Lists never do anything but bring forth other lists. List making is to be avoided. Let the lists and the specifics go. Look for harmony, truth, beauty and goodness. We can develop our attraction to that which is Real, of meaning and value. The rest are merely creations of the mind. If we are not attracted to discord and disharmony, we won’t give life to those parts within us. It can be as easy as developing your appetite, your attraction.

Love Kat

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