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I’m still very wrapped up in that conversation we had over the weekend.

In one of our explorations of  us, with an eye toward sharing with others, we were looking at what normally causes discord and disharmony between couples. At the same time, we looked at what we do instead, as neither of us is attracted to d or d.

The specifics are rarely important to us. Therefore, neither of us is attached to specific outcomes. We do seem to have a lovely flowing dance by which we come to decisions, make plans and act together. Lack of attachment seems to be part of the entrance ticket to this altered state of union we experience;  lack of attachment to the specifics, to being right, or to having the present altered by a predetermined image.

What is clearly very important to us is meaning and value, truth, beauty, goodness and love. As we are in harmony in these areas, we find our way through all the specifics without attachment, with joy and lightness!

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