No Need for Assurances

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My Sweet Kit,

I feel so very blessed to be in this wonderful relationship. Yesterday I brought you roses. I want to shower you with flowers and gifts. I so appreciate how present you are with all of you, available to me in every way all the time.

You mentioned fears you had, caused by previous experiences in other relationships. You thought you had been unavailable and wrapped up in work. I did not experience you that way at all. I do not feel that  you are ever unavailable. You have let me know in words and in deeds that if something is important to me, you will be right there with me. If I needed you for something, you would put everything aside to be there for me. You would not think twice. I know this is real. I feel the same way.

We do not need to prove to each other that we don’t forget the other. We do not need to make shows of not being involved in our work or our lives. We both know the importance of the other to our life. We experience the inside of each other all the time when we merge. There is no questioning in that place. All is clear.

Yours, Kat

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