We Seem to Transcend Time

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Dear Kit,

I want to talk a little more to this experience of time. We seem to be moving into a space of ‘different’ time, or ‘no time’. Yesterday afternoon, we made love for what seemed to be hours. There were so many different pathways that we went down together, it seemed like we traveled for such a long time. I remember looking for words while within the experience, and the word that came to me was ‘unending’. Yet when you looked at the time, you reported back that it was quite short again. You mentioned you thought that what we experienced was 3 or 4 times longer than what the clock told us. I concur.

What is this element of the shift in time about? What sort of place are we traveling in during this union experience?

I seem to always come back to the area of presence. When one is in presence, there is a quality of alltime. In our union, there is a quality of stretched time. It is not that there is a sense of no time, because we do have a sense that a long time has been involved.

I wonder if we will learn more as we continue to explore together. How does this apply to living life everyday?

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