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Dear Kit,

I’m still looking for words to describe our experience together. I like finding words to talk about it. I like sharing our words and developing together what comes out. I find by speaking of it together, I seem to find aspects of our union that I can better understand or further examine.

I don’t yet feel there are finished principals I would list, or that I want to reduce or limit this exploration to what has so far been described.

I feel a lot of what happens is just that, something special and almost magical that happens. It is not something we do, although it is made up of parts that we do.

These things seem less like doing and more like being.

You mentioned making no demands. That is a description of not doing something. I don’t have the feeling generally of avoiding doing something. There is an experience that for you is described by making no demands. I look there and I see me sitting comfortably inside my center. I take pleasure in you sitting right in your center. I don’t wish to make you me. I rejoice in who and what you are, which is not me. I don’t want to change you or your actions.

Be Present. We talk often of this amazing quality we experience together of being in the present..of being in presence. We seem to both have brought this skill with us from before. When we come together we are so completely together because we are both fully there. How would we pass this on?

Speak the truth. Yes, we are fully able to do that with each other. There are no horrible surprises or betrayals. Nothing we are going to reveal to each other is going to cause withdrawal of the other.

Ah, there is a whole area of us that seems to be very critical…our constancy, our feeling of the eternal, our commitment to each other. How did we get that? We need to look further at this element of us. Then there’s also the coutnerpart to that, the 100% factor. I love your description of the floor which is either free of thumb tacks or the one that only has a few. Can you dance freely and safely on the one with only a few thumb tacks?

We have so much to explore and describe.


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