Time and Space Seem to Both Disappear

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My Darling,

I want to find more and more ways of talking about this remarkable experience we are having together. Let’s keep exploring together and see what ways we find for communicating about it.

As we make love, in the height of our passion the most amazing things occur! Time seems to alter. I won’t say that it disappears completely, but it seems to stretch. I have the sense that we go on and on for what seems like a long time. We seem to go so far, to travel great expanses. And yet, according to your experiment , of watching the actual time, it is a comparatively short time that elapses in normal time measurements. It is so odd.

Also the experience of self, as it comes to me through my body is greatly altered. There is a point, and with us it comes quite quickly, where all barriers seem to disappear. I feel something delicious, melting and flowing, that is neither you nor me, but us. I experience this through my mind which is distinctly mine and separate from you. And yet, the overriding experience I am having with this distinct mind is everything filled with our union. It floods all my senses, my mind and my spirit. It has such depth and breadth it just fills up everything.

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