The uniqueness of our experiences

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Dear Kat,

The other night, you talked about what happens when both of us are present – that it allows something to be created.  I know you wrote about it, but I wanted to try in my own words.

So what do I understand by that term?  That what we do together, whether it be sex or words or mute hanging out, is different from ever before, is completely unique in some way that hasn’t normally applied in my life.*  Here, I struggle for words.  The personal experience is one of power, of centered-ness, of balance.  Additionally, there is the joint experience of we, the sense that you and I are experiencing the same thing, and I don’t just mean sitting on the edge of the canyon watching the same sunset together, but a much stronger connection, as if we have joined circuits and the energy flows through us in a circle.

OK, I’m mixing metaphors and I don’t know if anyone else can follow this at all.


* I use the past tense because by being with you, that sense of presence is more and more in the rest of my life.

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