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Beloved Kit,

I am so happy with you, so happy with us. We are like all the fabulous images of wizards and priestesses, of heroes and heroines, and yet we are so very much more. Love is a wonderful and amazing state of being. We are walking in love. We generate peace, as we come together and as we move about.

Our union generates a state of bliss, while at the same time it is also so sizzling sexy, so hot, so vital.

The Couples Project

Let’s begin to have a dialogue here about this wonderful project.

I feelĀ  we should basically be about it. We can perfect it as we go along. Let’s start experimenting with the video when we are having coffee or sitting around talking. I think we should figure out the tripod and start seeing what comes out and how we can use the video to record.

We don’t have to look for photos to play back, maybe not at this stage, although very rough is also interesting. It would be nice to document this from the beginning. We could video us talking about the couples project for a start, and formulate it as we go along.

This will be great fun!!


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