From Zero to Take Off in No Time At All

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We seem to be able to go from the lightest touch to full-blown union in a matter of time that is so infinitesimal, it is not really measured by sequence at all.

I was noticing last night as we began to make love, that we barely touched and then we transported (in an almost ‘beam me up Scottie’ way) to outer space. The night before, I felt like I opened some non-physical eyes and looked around. I saw stars or pinpoints of light, and we seemed to be out there among them, somewhere near the outer regions. This we I just referred to is another beingness that is connected physically, mentally and in spirit. Time is different, and so is space. It is not that there is no sense of time. It is more like time is accelerated to 3 or 4 times its normal experience. I can feel certain points on my body distinctly. At the same time, I feel that most of us has melted together in some way. I can think thoughts in my own individual mind, but there is a place where we are together in the mind circuitry. The mutual spirit song is something I haven’t yet explored, except that I sense it is there to be explored.

This all feels so wonderful and mysterious, but also very real. It is a bonding and strengthening event. I believe it rides underneath everything else we do and feel.

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