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Dear Kat,

You ask some very good questions.  It is strange; we know so clearly that we are doing something unusual, and we know the things that we do, but we don’t know how we do them.

And yet “do” is almost the wrong term, because there is no sense of effort; things happen effortlessly, again and again and again.  It is as if there is a path through life called the present that is clear and easy to walk.  To left and right, the past and the future have barbs, snares, pits of tar, that make progress so much more difficult.

Pardon my metaphor.  I don’t know how useful it is in our discussion, but I had this incredibly strong image.


So it is hard to say “do”, because the sense of being centered and and of action flowing from that is very strong.  I loved your writing about the center; it really is central to what we’re doing.  Another metaphor that often arise for me is that of riding a bicycle; once one has learned to balance, it is so easy and effortless.

I guess we have to speak of things in such a way that other can say “Oh yes, I recognise that,” and I’m looking forward to putting it out and see what responses we get.  You’re less driven than me towards this, I think.


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