Being With You As You Are & Celebrating That

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Dear Kit,

There seems to be something very important about not being busy with or involved in wanting your partner to be anything other than who and what they are. If you can actually be with another person, without wanting them to change, or being busy in anyway to alter them, then amazing things become possible.

For this magic to work, you have to actually be suited to the other. There has to be a match, a balance of energy between you.  At the same time, there is a joy of being with someone who is innately different than you. Who is not you, but another.

I love experiencing who you are and how you interact with the world. I so enjoy the way you take pleasure in who I am, and I do have the feeling you truly see me for who I am.

I am enjoying living together so much. Our wonderful homey mornings and our sweet often luscious evenings and afternoons.

I want to start working together again. I really like how we are when we work together and I miss it.


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