Where’s My Partner, and Who Are You?

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Dear Kit,

Yes, the Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde experience. This is so difficult and most times very shocking. The person you have come to love and share with just flips into someone else, someone you don’t recognize, someone who is a stranger to you.

I think this is one of the things that was so wonderful for me with you from the very beginning. Every time I encountered you, you were the same person. I came to know that this would not change. That you would really be there every time. Really be present, and really be the person I was growing to know and love.

Maybe this was particuarly important to me, because the last relationship I had been in suffered from this very difficult experience. I think the fact of your constancy, of you being who you really are all the time, is actually a critical part of who we are together. We each seem to be sitting inside our true selves, and when we come to the ‘table’ we bring our full selves there to the feast.

You have often said that it is as though there is nothing in the world but us when we come together. This does not mean we are not aware of the world or its happenings in our lives. Just that when we are together, we are actually taking time to really be completely present with each other. Also, this is not something that is done with effort. It seems to just occur. Its not that we have decided to do this, or talked about how to be together. It just seems to happen.

And I love who you are and am so grateful that when we come together, it is always the same person who I encounter!


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