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My dear Kat,

I agree entirely with you about the feeling of our new arrangement of sleeping together every night.  I never expected this feeling of joy; I thought that, if anything, it might produce a little claustrophobia or some territorial issues.  Instead, this extraordinary sense of adventure.

This is just another example of what is so baffling about you and I: that we do something, and it just works, and this happens time and time again.  Yes, I know we’re a fit on paper: same age, liberal politics, etc., but there are many areas that appear mis-matched: different culture, different childhoods, you raised children and I didn’t.  Yet we have this way of agreeing on things and flowing through life that is uncanny in its easiness, or to put it another way, I hardly ever feel that I have compromised at all.  My self, my integrity, remains intact.  Quite how all this happens, I don’t understand, but it is a key aspect of why it is so easy to be with you; I do not have to withdraw to repair myself.

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