What Makes Us So Special?

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Dearest Kit,

I would so like to be able to break down the way we are together, so that I could see more of what contributes to this extraordinary relationship that we have. We have isolated some important factors.

We are very much in the present with each other. This contributes to the feeling that our experiences are always new and always better than before. There is an element of co creativity that arises from this kind of presence.

We do not confuse our identities, which I believe happens in a lot of relationships. I do not feel that you are actually me, and that therefore you should do everything as I would do it and act as I would. I am in no way censoring or judging or changing or improving upon who you are. You do none of this with me either. And yet, we are very supportive of each other, always wanting the very best for the other in every way.

We are gentle and loving and kind with each other. We do this without effort and with very little consciousness of behaving in this manner. We do not seem to be irritated or annoyed with each other. This may also come from accepting each other entirely as we are, and not wishing that the other would somehow be different or act differently.

None of this causes boredom or some dull saccharin lack of intense experience. I think all too often people associate conflict or anger with having feelings or caring. We do not derive our passions from the negative juices that flow in discord. Rather, we seem to flourish and be more joyful and filled with peace and energy from the utter lack of these kind of emotions within our relationship.

It is a mystery. It does take two to make something like this happen. I believe that we have both equally allowed this to occur. And yet, it was not with hard work, as so many people suggest is necessary to develop and maintain a relationship. In fact, there is no sense of effort at all. It is a mystery!

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