Vows and Decision Making and Union

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My Dearest Kit,

Thank you for your beautiful expression of how we are! Yes, that says it exactly.

In looking at our vows, I see that many of the things we have been talking about in these conversations are included in our vows.

The respect for the other as an other, truthfulness , seeking for the positive, coming from love.

These are true expressions of how we are with one another.

Talking, truthfulness, ongoing honest communication…this is an important underpinning to everything. We seem to naturally stay in touch, and share our thoughts.

Our decision making process has been so easy as a result. We just talk till we find some solution that pleases us both. Neither of us seem to want to push an opinion or a particualr viewpoint on the other.

Even though this has come very naturally to us, I believe that this style is something that can be cultivated. I think couples can come from a place of trust in the other and at the same time respect for the other, that will enable them to find solutions suited to the union, rather than to one or the other. While doing this, seek for the positive and come from love. It feels so much better than manipulation or force or pressuring or anger or self-righteousness or control or separation or aloneness. Go for the union!

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