Union With Two Separate Personalities Remaining ‘Intact’

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My dearest,

I want to comment on your remark that “I hardly ever feel that I have compromised at all.  My self, my integrity, remains intact”. I agree. We don’t impinge on the sacrosanct nature of each of our separate and distinct personalities. We experience such amazing union, and yet remain totally ourselves, totally whole, with no part of that distinct individuality being altered, or crowded out or in any way threatened. In fact, it seems we celebrate the uniqueness that is each of us, while finding so much common ground.

I think the area that we first began to notice this clearly was in our sexual union. There is a palpable new existence, almost a third entity, a beingness which is the ‘us’…the place of melding and merging. It’s hard to say where one body begins and the other ends. And yet, the very experience of this union seems to take place, at least partially,  in each of our minds, where we are entirely our separate selves.

This almost magical blending that we experience together sexually happens in less than an instant; as soon as we bring our bodies in full contact, we can jump to that amazing plane/place. I know that it appears to be always new, and always better than ever before. Maybe it is the very present place that we share from, the very act of being truly present. It seems to allow a co-creative event horizon that is always new, startlingly intense and full of love and union and creativity.  I wanted to try to begin to describe it. I wanted to say some of the things it is. There are also things it is not, like fear, withholding, or in a time other than the present. Both lists can probably go on. I just wanted to begin the description of this most illusive experience.

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