Union and Peace

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This wonderful experience of union that we are partaking of seems to find its verification for both of us in the experience of Reality. There is no necessary or possible validation for something of this nature, other than direct experience. It is so full. Such an encounter with truth, beauty and goodness leaves no questions of veracity. It is to be treasured, explored and most definitely shared.

I feel stronger, better and more able to love others, as a result of this union of ours. Perhaps these words are too sweeping and sound like I have become lost in this shared merging. Regardless, I know that I am clear and grounded in my everyday world and that I feel like a carrier of peace. I seem to be filled beyond filling with feelings of calm, joy and love. And most of all, I experience an abiding peace. I feel like this peace is something that is part of that which is real, but also that we have co-created it, brought it into the world of time and space, if you will.

I find it astonishing that something of this metaphysical nature can be so fully here in the physical, material world. In fact, it seems to flow into existence often, as we wrap around each other; as we come in close, closer physical contact. It causes a fascination within me to experience directly just how united mind, matter and spirit can be.

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