The Path to Peace

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My Dear Kat,

I love what you write about peace.  Before we met, I sat in zazen most mornings; after we met, I never sat on the mornings we awoke together, and never missed it because being with you was (and is!) so centering that it acted just like sitting by pulling me into the present.

So how do we do this?  We honor the present, or to rephrase it, we honor what is present; in other words, our direct experience in the moment.  The present moment doesn’t contain events that happened in the past.  That cuts out a whole lot right there.  And by not trying to direct the other, we relinquish attempts to manipulate the future.  By refusing to be captured by regrets and yearnings from the past, and by accepting what is, rather than what might be, we allow ourselves to see and experience the other completely.

Here’s the amazing part: by doing so, a freshness and vitality enters that I have never known before.  Every day with you is a new and different experience.  It is like taking a walk; it may be the same route, but I would never mistake Tuesday’s walk for the one I took on Monday.  And so with you: talking, sex, touching; all of these spring anew each time.

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