Talking & Developing a Taste for Peace

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Dear Kit,

You mentioned how we talk about things and just seem to come to resolutions or decisions. This has always been a basic part of our time together and maybe this is one of the critical factors. We have always really talked with each other. We have a comfortable and natural style of talking over things with each other and forming a plan of action or coming to a decision. I think often when people are feeling upset with each other or angry or misunderstood, it is because they do not really stay in communication. They have to guess what the other is thinking or feeling and this leads to distance, fear and lack of harmony. If communicating becomes a natural part of how people are with each other, then many of the conflicts and problems will probably never even arise. Can something this simple really be an antidote to so many problems. Yes, I think it can.

The other thing you mention which I want to comment on, is that neither of us is really attracted to conflict or fighting or any of those kinds of energies. We are strongly attracted to peace and union and harmony and kindness and happiness and love. We both seem to be totally fulfilled with these emotions and experiences and have no attraction at all to the chemical rushes associated with the other. I think very often, people have come to associate these negative feelings with having feelings at all. For this reason, they seek for the strong rushes of discord. Perhaps it wouldn’t be all that difficutl to work on switching attractions. To develop a taste for harmony!

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