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My dearest Kit,

I am so enjoying our ‘new life’ sleeping together every night at the Victoria house. We’ve had four wonderful years living together so fluidly and in flux…we have slept sometimes at ‘your house’ and sometimes at ‘mine’ and sometimes each in our own. It has suited  us and we have surely loved our togetherness and our aloneness. Whenever I share with women about our lifestyle, they say “you have the best of all possible worlds”. Yes it has been delicious! We have savored and treasured it all.

I don’t know why exactly we decided to experiment with this new idea, but it just seems to have grown the way most things with us come about. We have this wonderful natural way of talking and moving through life together, that is so profoundly moving to me, and yet so basic and simple. It is so free of conflict and yet so passionate! This is really what peace feels like, full of life and in the present, filled with such good will and love.

But back to our new experiment…it seems to have begun with the New Year. We decided to sleep together every night at the Victoria house. We also decided to reframe the descriptions and instead of saying ‘my or your place’, we will call them the Victoria place and the Foothill place…

It seems like such a small thing to change, and yet it has brought an incredible sense of happiness. You told me this morning you feel like we just got back from our honeymoon! Its true, there is a feeling of renewed closeness and such a deep sense of union. Yes, we always have that wonderful sense of union, but there is definitely some large inner shift that has taken place between us. Its amazing that something so seemingly insignificant could feel so large and exciting. We do well in any circumstance together, we’ve traveled extensively, beginning just four months after we joined, with that ten day trip to England, being continuously together. No matter what the situation, we always have that quality of deep delight, harmony, peace, passion. We are such an extraordinary match. What is this quality of union that is ever fresh and so deeply satisfying?

I look forward to it all, while wanting to be no where but in the present with you! The adventure continues…

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