I Woke From My Dream and Was Annoyed

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Dear Kit,

I woke up this morning from a dream in which I was low level irritated, really annoyed with someone. It was that attitude of diffuse impatience with a person that is so very common in the world. I think a lot of people spend a lot of time feeling that way toward their partners and the people they live with or work with. I woke to that sensation and to you sleeping next to me. I realized that I never, and I do truly mean never feel that way with you.

This may sound silly, but I think that is wonderful, absolutely amazing! I never feel impatience or irritation with you. Our time together is always full of joy, full of goodness. I am happy and peaceful and comfortable whenever we are together. That can be at the end of a work day, over a weekend of being together or two weeks of traveling and being together all the time.

We are never short or harsh with each other. It seems we are never irritated or annoyed. What is this different way of being together that seems so natural, so right? We could spread so much peace and goodness if we could pass on to others how to relate in this manner.

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