A Little Note on Sleeping Together Every Night

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Dear Kit,

It has been a little more than three weeks now that we have been sleeping together every night at the Victoria Street house. There is something so powerful about ending each evening and starting each day with you. It seems like such a little thing. I marvel at how much it colors everything.

And then there is the actual sleeping together. We do that so well and again so differently than most couples. We sleep in contact, often with our bodies entwined, but always in physical contact throughout the whole night. When I wake to go to the bathroom, we are in contact. When I wake in the early morning we are in physical contact.

Again it seems so natural for us, but from what I know of others and what I have read, it is actually very unusual. We don ‘t disturb each other. In fact, we seem to bring health and balance to each other while sleeping. Again, the overriding feeling is peace.

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