The Mystery of Our Sexuality

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My Dear Kit,

Thank you for your description of our sexuality. You have touched so well on the magic of our union. When our bodies come together, it is like coming home. There is such a deep sense of fitting, of being in the absolutely right and perfect place.

As I visualize us together sexually, fitting together the way we do, the word peace comes to mind again. And yet our sexual union is filled with excitement, adventure, and highly charged particles moving together. Not something one often associates with peace! Indeed we create a highly charged energy, but not in the usual way. Charge is usually associated with things colliding into and against each other. This is not like that at all. It is all fluid and flowing. There are no hard edges, no bangs and bumps.

It is mysterious. Yes, it is always new, always better than ever before. How can this be? I believe that we are so in union and so in the present moment together, that we are actually able to co-create something new, something that never existed before. The experience of bringing something into being that is a child of our union, the by product of us coming together, is so breathtaking that it almost defies description.

Nevertheless, I enjoy trying to find a way to communicate about it and perhaps even find a way to let others know it is possible to relate in such a manner.

love Kat

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